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(Bad Boy Production, RUDECD00010, UK, 1999)
"We Have Come For Your Children" Pre-Mix

  1. Catholic Boy
  2. Son Of Sam
  3. 3rd Generation Nation
  4. Dead And Alive
  5. I Won't look Back
  6. Tell Me ***
  7. Calling On You
  8. Big City
  9. Flame Thrower Love
  10. Ain't It Fun

Tracks 1, 3 by Stiv Bators
Tracks 2, 5 by Jimmy Zero
Track 4 by Stiv Bators/Cheetah Chrome
Track 6 by Mick Jagger/Keith Richards
Track 7 by Stiv Bators/Jimmy Zero/Cheetah Chrome
Track 8 by Kim Fowley/Steven T.
Track 9 by Stiv Bators/Jimmy Zero
Track 10 by Cheetah Chrome/Peter Laughner

Last modified on 08.09.2002