(Bomp, Bomp 127, CANADA)

Produced by Thom Wilson & Stiv Bators
Executive Producer : Greg Shaw

  1. Evil Boy
  2. Bad Luck Charm
  3. A Million Miles Away
  4. Make Up Your Mind
  5. Swingin’ A Go-Go
  6. Too Much To Dream
  7. Ready Anytime
  8. The Last Year
  9. I Wanna Forget You (Just The Way You're)

All tracks by Bators/Secich
Track 1 by Zero/Secich
Track 2 by Cabaniss/Quinton
Track 3 by Secich
Track 4 by Quinton
Track 5 by Cabaniss
Track 6 by Tucker/Mantz

Last modified on 31.07.2002